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Wrigley’s Extra

Dating shows, clothes, memes and influencers dominate the lives of the people Extra want to get chewing their gum

  • Social video and TV production
  • Influencer management
  • Social production

So we partnered with Love Island and created a meme factory that put Extra into the social culture of the show. Our audience love the programme so much, we even produced a cartoon that follows a two people fall in love over their Love Island obsession (except the two people were actually packs of chewing gum).

Then we got a load of Ex-Love Islanders together and got them to share their Love Island loves and lols through a series of video shorts and social content.

When Love Island finished, we hadn’t had our fill of romance, so we developed a dating show made specifically for the internet called Extra Fit.

And then we collaborated with I Saw It First on a clothing range inspired by the Extra flavours and worn by the audiences favourite influencers.

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